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This family edition of the Good News Bible has been created with the heart of putting the Bible back at the centre of family life. The Bible Society UK in partnership with Youth for Christ (along with a plethora of other family-focused organisations) have come together and created a Bible that is truly designed for a family to engage together. This family Bible is designed to not just bring you closer to God, but closer to each other.

key features

  • Removable and reusable ‘whiteboard’ jacket, for writing, drawing and being creative
  • Unique landscape page layout that encourages family engagement around the Bible
  • Over 400 interactions throughout, based on the themes of Think, Chat, Do, Create and Watch
  • Loads of space inside for writing, doodling and drawing
  • 26 online videos that help guide, support and unpack the tricky bits as you journey through the Bible
  • An online community of Family Bible users, where you can share ideas, stories and offer each other support
  • Regular new content that can be downloaded or printed for free, with content based on feedback and suggestions from active users of the Bible



That is intentional! We want your family to truly engage around the Bible. Whilst one person is reading a passage of scripture, another might be watching a video on their phone, perhaps while someone else is drawing and doodling on the pages opposite. You will all be together and engaging in the Bible – and that is pretty amazing.

The Good News Bible Family Edition has a huge amount of interactions and tools to help your family to find a path that best works for you all as you engage in the text together, based on 5 different themes of: THINK, CHAT, DO, CREATE and WATCH. There is something for everyone, whether you are someone who likes to reflect on what you have read, openly discuss questions and opinions, draw and journal, take some kind of action, or watch some video content – it is all here in this Bible.

This is where we need to be kinder in terms of the expectations we place on ourselves. Whereas we might love the idea of an hour of ‘Family Bible time’ each day, the reality for most of us is that won’t be possible. But even if you can scramble for 15 minutes, there are activities and resources you can use. Also, there is no need to put pressure on you all engaging on the same thing at the same time. The unique outward-facing landscape pages of the Bible are designed to allow different members of the family to engage with different sections.

The Good News Bible Family Edition requires no profound theological knowledge beforehand. It isn’t about any one person leading it and it isn’t about already having the answers. It IS about journeying through the Bible together – taking the time to explore what it means to your family, and discussing the differences in interpretation.

The Family Edition is suitable for children old enough to enjoy colouring, teens and adults alike! Whatever family looks like for you, the Good News Bible Family Edition has interactions that can be pitched at different levels appropriate for different ages.

The Bible has A4-sized pages, giving plenty of room for being creative, as well as ensuring a large and easy-to-read font size. This is a big Bible that is designed to stay at home – but you can take it out and about if you are feeling strong!

Although they complement each other very well, and we partnered with the brilliant Youth for Christ to create both Bibles, there is no need to have the Good News Bible Youth Edition before you purchase this. If you do have family members who are 11–17 years old, they may appreciate their own copy of the Good News Bible Youth Edition though.


Wonderful Resource
Wonderful ResourceRobin Vincent, Chief Executive, The Kitchen Table Project, an initiative of Care for the Family
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God’s word was intended to be read, understood and applied as much together as alone – and there is no better context to do this than within a family. This Good News Bible Family Edition will be a wonderful resource to help anyone lay that foundation within their home.
for all ages to use and engage with
for all ages to use and engage withMatt, Pioneer Youth Minister, Shropshire, and dad to two boys
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This is a fantastic idea and a great resource for all ages to use and engage with, whether as a family, youth group or small group, or with individuals with learning difficulties. It will really help everyone to engage with the Bible more and to grow in their relationship with God and each other. I cannot wait to use this Bible with not only my 3-year-old son but also the young people and families I work with.
something that is for everyone
something that is for everyoneHannah Persaud, Care for the Family and mum
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I had the loveliest time last night with my kids exploring it. My two children were at the table with the resource and were completely engrossed in it! It will be amazing when I’m an old lady to look back through and see all that’s been written and drawn in there over decades of family life. It will just be out on the side, and something that is for everyone, part of a busy, bustling kitchen table. Thanks so much for all you have done to create it!
creating true family memories to be treasured
creating true family memories to be treasuredSarah Téibo, Songwriter, Worship Leader and mum
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We absolutely love the Family Edition Bible in our home because it has made our family Bible study time more exciting and engaging. Having children in different age groups often comes with the challenge of keeping everyone involved simultaneously in conversations around Scripture, but the layout and contents of this Bible have helped us overcome this. It’s not a book to be kept pristine, untouched on the shelf, but one that gets scribbled on and coloured in, one that captures the family’s faith journeys and one that I think would serve as another way of creating true family memories to be treasured.




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