So often, we get caught up with the busyness of life and we forget to have FUN with our kids. Parents today have less and less time to engage with their kids on a ‘fun’ level and then you have all the added pressures of careers and life and before we know it there is no time left to connect and have fun together as a family. Families most certainly need structure, discipline and time in which they connect and build faith but we shouldn’t forget to have fun whilst doing it. We wanted to write a piece to encourage you to make time… even if you have to leave the beds unmade and leave the laundry for one more hour. Take time on a weekend and surprise your kids with a FUN morning or evening. Do something out of the ordinary and have fun together! Here are some easy ideas on how to have FUN with your kids:

HAVE A SURPRISE BREAKFAST PICNIC.  Wake your kids up on Saturday morning, have a breakfast picnic packed and ready to go and head to a park, beach or special place to have breakfast as a family. You can use this opportunity to share together as a family what your perfect day would look like. You could even link it to scripture, Psalm 37, and talk about how God knows the desires of our hearts.

GO CAMPING IN YOUR BACKYARD. Take the kids on an unexpected camping trip – you can even go camping in your own backyard or lounge! Make it fun and get some marshmallows to roast, sing songs under the stars and take turns in sharing your favourite testimony or Bible story. Here’s a tip from us – why not share the story of Abram and the stars in Genesis 15.

HAVE A NO ELECTRONICS DAY. This might be hard for some teens (and parents!) but try and put a positive spin on it… Put away all mobile phones and devices and hide the tv under a sheet. Have a day without electronic distractions. Get out some of your favourite board games or consider getting a new one everyone will enjoy. Kids under 12? Why not go download one of our many Faith Box home sessions for some ideas on faith-filled fun. If you have teens you can use our Faith Talk Trigger Cards for some great conversation starters.

GO ON A HIKE. Take the family out and go on a hike or walk. You don’t have to do a 5hour hike(!)– just get out in nature and share the beauty of God’s creation together. You’ll be surprised at what a little bit of fresh air and nature can do for family fun sessions. You could use this as a great opportunity in discussing God’s creation. See if your kids can remember exactly what God created on each day (Genesis 1).

HAVE A FAMILY FEAST TOGETHER. Make (or order-in) every person in your household’s favourite meal. Share a meal and have some fun and positive conversation starters planned- such as what everyone is thankful for, what everyone wants to be when they grow up.

BREAK THE RULES A LITTLE AND DO SOMETHING OUT OF THE ORDINARY. Need some inspiration? Get everyone to bed like normal, and then 10 minutes later blast a fun song through the house at top volume. When everyone gets up to find out what’s happening – have some ice cream with the kids in their PJs.

Having fun with your kids doesn’t have to be complicated or exhausting. Having fun as a family is important in creating a family identity. Laughing and sharing moments of joy create a strong bond and memories between family members that can last a lifetime. Having fun with your kids also teaches them to find joy in everyday life. God wants us to be filled with JOY and for it to be contagious. Forgot how to have fun or feel like your joy is all dried up? One of the easiest ways of awakening your JOY is to just have fun with your kids!

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, JOY and peace. (Galatians 5: 22) 




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