Deepening our experience in God

“Beholding God in prayer is profoundly connected to beholding and dignifying others.”

Here it is, an invitation to personally experience God through guided prayer practices. It's about a life enchanted. The God-soaked existence. This book is truly God’s gift of grace from end to end. May the same be true for you as you read it."


Strahan is a writer, award winning folk musician and spiritual director from Aotearoa, New Zealand. He founded Commoners Communion in 2017 to explore what it means to become a deeply prayerful people in our times. Since then, he has written three prayer books – Prayer Vol. 01, 02 & 03 that offer poetic prayers, contemplations and reflections that help the reader deepen their own communion with the God of their hearts.


Strahan’s work helps people to grow a deep friendship with God, seeing prayer as far more than conscious mental dialogue but as way of existing with God in our every day ordinary lives. His prayers and poems are invitations toward an honest, rested and open life lived in the Spirit and his dialogue around how we can incorporate ancient prayer forms into our modern lives has helped give language to a generation longing for a deeper living experience of God.


Strahan is finishing his study as a spiritual director through Spiritual Growth Ministries and is working on his first non-fiction book Beholding: Deepening Our Experience in God which tells his story of moving from a working relationship with God to a friendship and invites the reader to give up consumer christianity for a more beautiful and rich life of seeing and being seen by God.

We want to invite you to a special evening, celebrating the book launch of Beholding: Deepening Our Experience in God by award-winning musician and author Strahan Coleman.

In partnership with Strahan and Rhema, we at Manna Christian Stores are excited to have you join us for a life-changing time of conversation, connection, celebration, and prayer. Hear Strahan share from his book and be available for book signing.

Beholding tells Strahan’s story of moving from a working relationship with God to a friendship. An invitation to live the God-soaked life, a life of unceasing prayer. How can time with God be a source of peace in a loud and distracting world? In Beholding, spiritual director and poet

Strahan Coleman invites readers to discover the joy of being with God rather than working for God. As they inhabit the art of resting in God’s presence, prayer becomes not just a place of seeking, but becoming.