God is Love

How wonderful is it to open up a Bible in your heart language? We at Bible Society and Manna Christian Stores are passionate about seeing the Word of God placed into your hands, and into the hands of others, in a language that makes the Bible feel most like home. We know the Bible is for everyone and believe that all should have the opportunity to know the transforming power of the Bible and other life-changing resources we have available. We do not want language to be a barrier.  

We are excited to continuously be expanding our range of different language Bibles with over 200 different portions of the Bible and other resources currently available. Look for your heart language Bible at Manna Christian Stores. 

If you cannot find your language, let us know at so we can find your Bible, for you.


Are you looking for South-East Asian Bibles and Resources?  

We have a great range to share with you. View our range by either visiting our online shop or take a look at our digital flyer.

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Bibles bring hope!

Did you know that, on average, there are over one million new Christians in China each year?

With 60% of Christians in China living in poor, rural areas, unfortunately, many of them can’t afford to buy their own Bible.

We know the importance of having a Bible in the life of a believer as His Word nurtures, teaches, and equips a person for life.

You can make a difference to a life in China from right here in New Zealand. By donating below, you will be helping to fund the paper which is used to print these urgently needed Bibles. These Bibles are given away either for free or at subsidised prices to poor Christians, especially in rural areas where around half of Christians do not own a Bible.

Every $2.40 you give will supply the paper for one Bible to be printed so that its life-changing message can be placed into the hands of a believer in China.