The LegoMaster’s Legacy

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In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God, – John 1:1 (ESV)

I te tīmatanga te Kupu, i te Atua te Kupu, ko te Atua anō te Kupu. – Hoani 1:1

The Heavenly Father, the Spirit, the Word exist in joyful unity, a cosmic dance of perpetual motion, continually expressing love and delighting in divine creativity.

The ’Word’ is Logos, from the Greek roots lego, to gather, assemble, put in order, implying ‘divine intelligence’, wisdom or the mind of God. Our God-breathed primal parents were formed in an earthly garden to carry the image of the Creator and invited to participate in the Trinity dance with access to divine mysteries and a heritage even the angels were not privy to.

In a moment of temptation, they breached the one health and safety rule, opting for endless knowledge over spiritual relationship and in their fall from grace were exiled to a life of human effort toiling in the soil. A broken history of repeating cycles unfolded over generations. The Divine design was overshadowed by greed, murder, lust for power, wars over borders and resources, and worshipping creation rather than the Creator.

Divinity would assume humanity. The Word, the light of all creation, would manifest through Jesus the Christ, the long-promised Messiah as God with us. However, the liberating idea of a Heavenly Kingdom serving one another in love and humility was not appreciated by those building their own earthly religious and political kingdoms.

In condemning Jesus to the horrors of the cross, they failed to see the irony of a seed falling to the ground and bearing much fruit. The “spiritual Adam” had come, and the long overdue good news of the Living Word went viral. Not only is Christ ‘with us’ as the Word made flesh, through the agency of the Holy Spirit his nature is being formed ‘in us’ (Col 1:27; Eph 3:16-17). If Christ is the Word, then he’s the original LegoMaster restoring divine order because he knows how all the building blocks of this great mystery are supposed to fit together.

I have come to see the Bible as the book that reads us, literally renewing our minds, inspiring and encouraging us with fresh revelation and restoring a heritage of hope as we read, hear and share the words of Scripture. The Word that was in the beginning is still transforming hearts and nations today.

Living Word, source of all life, renew our hearts, transform our minds, touch our lips so we can speak hope to those who have lost theirs, bringing light to shadowy places and love to renew the spark where the embers are fading. May the Word become flesh in us. Amen.




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