I’m sure I’m not alone by saying that the whole month of December is always busy for our family.  Between family parties and our usual festivities, the month seems to fly by!  I love the fact that Christmas is one of the most celebrated religious festivals around the world. Everyone seems to get in on the Christmas cheer, regardless of their culture or religion. Christmas is also a great season for us as Christian families to build and share faith and also the best time to create lasting memories together. Here are some great Christmas traditions to help spread a little holiday cheer.

  1. Set up and light up your Christmas tree. Nothing quite makes it feel like Christmas like a Christmas tree. Make it a family event and when done make sure you light it up together as a family on its first night in the house. Use this opportunity to talk about the real reason for the season.  I love using the opportunity to talk about how Jesus came to earth to be the light of the world (John 1:9).

  2. Make a countdown to Christmas chain.  Let the kids cut strips of paper and hook them together to create a countdown chain.  Take turns taking a ring off of the chain each day.

  3. Pick out a new ornament for each child.  My daughter loves hanging her own special ornament on the tree every year!

  4. Donate toys to op shops or charities or food to your local food bank.  Christmas is often associated with gifts as we celebrate the gift of Jesus that was given to us. It’s a great opportunity to get your kids into the habit of ‘giving and not just receiving’. Help them do a clear out and explain how if we sow into the Kingdom, God will look after us and return on our seed. If they’re too old for toys, have them shop for a food bank donation.  Food banks are very busy this time a year and are always in need.  2 Corinthians 9:6

  5. Check out a local light display.  Most towns have some sort of light display, the cities light up and some neighbourhoods are known for their Christmas lights and cheer. Be sure to find one in your area and make it a family outing.  

  6. Have a SPECIAL DINNER.  Take your kids to the grocery store and let each child spend an allocated amount on any food they want. Get home and have them prepare and serve it for everyone. Enjoying it by candle light and discussing the reason for the season, counting your blessings or even talk about your year that has passed and how good God has been.

  7. Bake and decorate Christmas sugar cookies and share them with your neighbours.  Christmas is a great excuse to get to know your neighbours. Know them already? Then it’s a great time to spread some Christmas cheer. Have the kids help decorate and hand them out!

  8. Bake a birthday Cake for Jesus. Talk about why you celebrate Christmas and also why you celebrate birthdays and then bake a birthday cake for Jesus!

  9. Go to a Christmas concert.  Most cities/ towns have special concerts during the holiday season, and many of them are free!  Bring your family to hear the beautiful songs of the Christmas season. This is one of my favourites.

We love Christmas and we love families! We’d love for your family to have a fun filled, faith focused Christmas this year. We have some amazing resources to help you make the most important job the easiest one! 



Faith Box Starter Kit

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  • Manual 3. Starts at the beginning with Genesis & Old Testament stories includes: Abraham, Moses, the Great Escape, the 10 Commandments, David, a Halloween alternative – “Jesus is the light of the world – All Saints Day” & more!
  • 2 FREE metal scripture tags – Golden Rule and 10 Commandments (rewards for memorising God’s Word! 4 themes to collect!)
  • 12 ‘Big Promise’ Magnets
  • Magnetic Faith Board
  • CD by Phil Joel with 3 songs (Old Testament ice cream song, New Testament, Good Morning!)




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