Take time this Easter to tell the story of Jesus’ love to little ones

Take your kids on a 7-week journey of 


Make the story of Easter come alive starting from your backyard! Explore and have fun this Easter through Wonder Walks which is a series of 8 free, interactive walking maps, designed to help under-10s connect with the story of Easter while out enjoying a walk as a family, Sunday school group or with a parent or grandparent. On each map is a reading from the Gospel of Mark, activities, games, and reflections.

Wonder Walks is an interactive route walking map with a big difference – it doesn’t matter where you go!

On each map you will find a reading from the Gospel of Mark, questions to think about, games to play, and ideas to pray about – all while out and about exploring outdoors.

You don’t need to prepare anything in advance, simply download your map and head off for your weekly Wonder Walk and make the story of Easter come alive!

There are 8 maps to walk. One for the 7 weeks leading up to Easter, concluding with a Good Friday and Easter Sunday Walk, but you can use these walks anytime you go out!

Telling the story of Jesus' love to little ones

Begins with you

Bring up a child by teaching him the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn away from it.

MAP #1

Mark 1:9-11

MAP #2

Mark 1:16-20

MAP #3

Mark 4:30-32

MAP #4

Mark 6:32-34

MAP #5

Mark 9:2-4,7

MAP #6

Mark 11:4-10

MAP #7

Mark 15:37-41

MAP #8

Mark 16:1-7


If you love this, share the love with otherS

Your story can change a life. We often imagine sharing the Gospel as this great burden given to us by Jesus just before He ascended to Heaven… but countless lives can be transformed by simply telling your story. Your testimony. Your journey. 

We invite you to share your Wonder Walk story with us, so we can share your testimony with others. Your story might just change a life for good! Email us your story for the opportunity to be featured on the Manna Community! Be equipped. Be involved!