The danger of drifting

Whatever you see as the ‘secret’ of why you are in a relationship with God, that ‘secret’ of our strength will, at times, be undermined – little by little.

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Hope on a rope

Religion is mankind’s search after God: Christianity is God’s search after mankind. Let me illustrate it this way. Imagine you are out in the sea struggling like mad to get to land in your own strength. You’re gulping in the salty stuff. You try to scream for help!

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Authentic Men’s Magazine – Issue 18

The latest issue of Authentic Magazine – issue 18 – is in stores now.

On the cover is Tyree, or TY, Tautogia, who shares his amazing testimony. TY is one third of hip hop group Smashproof, formed alongside Sid Diamond and Deach – Fred Faafou. Smashproof holds the record for the longest consecutive run at number one by a local act on the New Zealand singles chart.

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Authentic Men’s Magazine – Issue 17

Our cover story this edition is an encouraging catch up with radio and television personality Clint Randell, who left The
Edge breakfast show in December after six years in the role. He chats with us about becoming a Christian as a teenager and

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Authentic Parenting

Authentic Parenting by Dave Firth Do we ever ask ourselves what ‘authentic parenting’ looks like? How do we know if we’re doing a good job? Who makes the rules anyway?

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Authentic Work

Authentic Work: Living His Life, His way. by Dave Firth So, what is authentic work? Well, it’s basically what the Christian life should look like in the workplace! In Col

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