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Prayer and the Brain

How to Pray | Talking to Jesus

Listen to the discussion where FamilyLife NZ explore the practice of prayer and the art of engaging in prayer as you would engage in conversation with a friend. We believe in the mountain-moving power of prayer and its importance in the life of every believer. Our discussions cover things like:  

  • Practical ideas to help you pray  
  • Examples of prayers you can pray for your family  
  • Biblical foundations of prayer  
  • Praying together as a couple, a family, a team, or a community 

In this discussion with Anne Muir, we explore the brain science behind prayer and some ideas that would help you engage your whole brain when you pray. The goal is to pray from a place of connection to God as opposed to praying towards trying to reach him.  


Could brain science be the key to spiritual formation?

Why does true Christian transformation seem fleeting? And why does Church often feel lonely, Christian community shallow, and leaders untrustworthy? For many Christians, the delight of encountering Christ eventually dwindles-and disappointment sets in. Is lasting joy possible?

These are some of the questions Michel Hendricks has considered both in his experience as a spiritual formation pastor and in his lifetime as a Christian. He began to find answers when he met Jim Wilder-a neurotheologian. Using brain science, Wilder identified that there are two halves of the Church: the rational half and the relational half. And when Christians only embrace the rational half, Churches become unhealthy places where transformation doesn’t last and narcissistic leaders flourish.

In The Other Half of Church, join Michel and Jim’s journey as they couple brain science with the Bible to identify how to overcome spiritual stagnation by living a full-brained faith. You’ll also learn the four ingredients necessary to develop and maintain a vibrant transformational community where spiritual formation occurs, relationships flourish, and the toxic spread of narcissism is eradicated.