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At Manna Christian Stores we believe we are more than a bookshop contained within four walls.  We embrace the opportunity to actively be a part of the community and lend our support to events whenever we can!  Where possible we like to be a part of your special event by providing a bookstall containing Bibles, books, gifts, and helpful resources that support your mission or the theme of your event. 


We would love to be a part of your next event or workshop!  

How does it work?

Tell Us About Your Event

If you are planning an event and would like to see if we can provide a bookstall, that contains life-changing resources, we would love to hear from you.

  • Tell us where the event will be held
  • Let us know the date/dates of your event and the planned schedule
  • Tell us about the audience that will be attending
  • Let us know the expected number of attendees
  • Tell us about the theme of your event

What Can We Do

After talking with you about your event we will let you know if we can support and/or attend your event. There may be circumstances that mean we cannot offer a bookstall but we will let you know if that is the case. Once we confirm that we can attend we will have a more detailed conversation with you about what is needed. Then when both parties agree to proceed we will begin the ‘Book a Bookstall’ process. This will involve discussion around products to sell, staff to man the bookstall, selling times, location requirements and more…

Are you holding a National Conference?

We would love an opportunity to discuss how we can be a part of your National Conference.
  • Are you interested in having a mini-shop at your event?  
  • Would you like to offer products by a guest speaker/author to the attendees?
  • Are you looking for specific titles of products on themes related to your event? 
  •  Contact our Sales Manager at to explore the options and discuss how we can be involved in your event. 

Ask Us about our Unmanned Events

If you’re located in a rural area without a nearby Manna Christian Store and you’re interested in setting up a bookstall at your special event, we have an option for ‘unmanned’ events. Manna store staff won’t be present, but event organisers can appoint an overseer to manage the bookstall. Contact us to learn more about this option. Please note that conditions apply. 

Book a stall for your Church Service

Are you interested in having a table of books, Bibles and gifts at your church service for an occasion or event? Ask us how we might be able to help make this happen! 


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