The Future of Bibles Begins

Filament Bibles

Transform your Bible Study with the Filament Bible

Studying your Bible will be transformed with the Filament App. Available in NLT and KJV.

You no longer have to carry around your Bible, a concordance, commentary and dictionary to gain a better understanding of the Word.

Purchase the Filament Bible, download the Filament Bible app onto your phone or tablet, scan any page number and your Bible experience will never be the same.

You will have instant access to helpful resources on every single page at your fingertips displaying powerful study notes and devotions so you can personalise your Bible encounter.

The Filament Bible app includes:

• 25,000+ study notes

• 350+ videos

• 40+ maps and infographics

• 400+ profiles and articles

• 1,500+ devotionals

how does it work?

When you are reading your Bible and want to go deeper, simply pull out your phone or tablet and use your device’s camera to recognise the page you are reading. Just like that, you have access to study notes, people profiles, devotionals, theme articles, interactive maps, videos, worship music, and more.

Bible Study: Yesterday vs Today

The Bible comes alive for personal Bible Study but it is equally as exciting for families and groups to gather together for devotional and study times. By engaging with the Bible and the Filament Bible app everyone will gain a deeper level of understanding and visually engage with Scripture.  Studying becomes fun!